Our Property at Oberon during the Summer

Nebato Park at Oberon during the Summer

Our Property at Oberon during the Winter Snow

Nebato Park at Oberon during the Winter Snow

The plant the green carpet of planet earth transforms with the help of chlorophyll as catalyst and sun energy source, water and carbonic acid into organic compositions into plant substance.

This process is called photosynthesis the building blocks of life

Filtering natural turkey manure into liquid gives a very balanced ph7.6 average because of combined trace elements, beneficial bacteria into plant and soil as analysed by Southern Cross University (Lismore)

Wonderful on Large Farms

Nebato Pak tests show wonderful results on large farms

We believe that Gobble Juice is the first filter Turkey liquid manure available on a commercial basis

Trials over several years on our intense farming operations, Nebato Park, Central Tablelands, Oberon,
NSW, Elevation 1200mts Approx

Cattle, Chestnuts, Tulips, Foliages, Lucerne and grasses all fertilized with Gobble Juice processed on the farm

Great for Domestic Usage!

Great for Domestic Usage at Nebato Park

Gobble Juice liquid Turkey Manure is an immediate plant uptake as is it a balance of minerals and trace elements

Gobble Juice liquid Turkey Manure also it can be combined with fertilizers and insecticides to give a blalance as it releases nitrogen-phosphorous, and potassium that was previously locked up in the soil.

Gobble Juice liquid Turkey Manure encourages cell division and strengthens the natural defence mechanism against fungal diseases it’s a stimulator and conditioner.

Gobble Juice is truly natures gift through the utilisation of waste into filtered liquid form.

Therefore, large or small, all gardens can welcome the benefits from Gobble Juice liquid Turkey Manure